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What Are Some Dangers That a Leaky Roof Can Cause?

For many, a leaky roof is one of those household maintenance problems that you might be tempted to put on hold, but there is more than one reason it should be treated with urgency. Besides the obvious damage, it can do to the framing of your house, it can also compromise insulation, promote mold growth and may even create a fire hazard - as strange as that may seem, it's true. Additionally, a leaky roof can also create the potential for personal injury. However, all of the above, and more can be avoided if you take immediate action when a roof leak is discovered.


Structural Deterioration

When water seeps through the roof, it can drip straight onto the attic floor, but just as often runs along the underneath of the roof decking to the nearest wall and then down along the framing of the home. Over time, the wet wood will begin to rot and loses its durability. The roof will then start to sag, the wall(s) begin to bow, and the foundation could become waterlogged and spongy. It's essential to keep in mind that even a small leak can create the problems listed above, although it may take several years for them to become noticeable. By the time they are apparent, however, the repair itself is likely to be expensive.


Insulation Damage and Mold

If water starts leaking onto your attic insulation, the insulation will begin to clump and lose its effectiveness. You'll probably start to notice this in your energy bills because when the warm air escapes through the attic, you'll have to turn the heat up to keep your home warm. Clumped insulation isn't just ineffective; it's also a breeding ground for mold, which will keep growing even when the weather is dry. Mold is also likely to develop on other parts of your roof deck or framing, especially those parts that are exposed to water, and it can cause respiratory problems for you and your family.


Fire and Shock Hazard

If water from a roof leak comes in contact with electrical wiring when there is a break in the insulation, it can create an open circuit that could then lead to a fire. Even if there isn't insulation damage, water can still be hazardous if it seeps around metal junction boxes that contain exposed wires. Water flowing around open wiring can become electrically-charged, and anyone who touches it could get shocked. Once you're aware of a leak, you should shut off the power to any circuits that run through the affected area and then you should contact an electrician to investigate right away.


Other Water Hazards

It's crucial to keep in mind that leaking water doesn't have to come in contact with an open electrical circuit to create a hazard. If it collects on the floor and creates a puddle, someone could slip on it and fall. It can also build up behind ceiling drywall and cause it to crumble or cave in; you can typically see this coming when the drywall begins to sag and (or) bulge. A third hazard created by leaking water is deterioration of the roof deck which is caused by extended exposure to water. It calls for extra care when repairing the roof because you can sometimes put your foot through water-weakened plywood.

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With all of the rain we have been getting in Northeast Ohio over the last couple of weeks, some homeowners are bound to have noticed a roof leak or two. If you are among those homeowners, our highly trained team members at Franciscus Incorporated would be more than happy to assist you today.

First, we would like to start off by performing a four-part inspection of your roof, attic, ventilation, and insulation. Not every roofing company will be this thorough, but we know that each system of the house works together and that it is important to ensure there are no hidden issues. Any problems that we do discover, we would gladly repair or replace for you!

If you would like to get started today, give us a call at 1-866-STAY-DRY!


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